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Intrinsically Safe, High-Resolution, Digital IP Camera

SeSys ATEX and IECEx certified digital IP CCTV cameras are designed to be compliant with international standards and facilitate remote monitoring in inhospitable, hazardous or explosive areas. Whether the camera is to help improve safety by reducing risk or to support remote monitoring of an area of interest cutting down on journeys, the range of high resolution certified ATEX and IECEx cameras from SeSys contain solutions for all hazardous applications.

Also known as intrinsically safe or explosion proof CCTV cameras, they reduce the dangers posed to personnel – and provide live video images that can be accessed via a web browser or the Control Centre software package, included with the camera, to allow inhospitable or inaccessible areas to be monitored from a safe distance.

SeSys ATEX and IECEx cameras provide clear, high resolution images for live monitoring and include integral storage to record any images for post processing or record keeping. Recording can be event driven (using motion light, or an external trigger for a sensor for example) and these events can also be used to generate alarms, sending images to alert users or ARCs (alarm receiving centres) of any activity.

Cameras are connected using PoE (Power over Ethernet), providing associated installation and maintenance cost savings and an installation that is flexible, reliable and safe.

Providing digital PTZ and optional day/night lens functionality, SeSys ATEX and IECEx camera have no moving parts; ensuring low power, low maintenance and a long lasting (high MTBF) camera system and the most cost effective solution.

For low light areas that require monitoring, the ATEX and IECEx cameras can be fitted with integrated LED lights and input triggers that can be switched on and off as required. LEDs provide a long lasting and low power solution, achieve maximum intensity very quickly, illuminating the area in front of the camera. The lights can switched on and off via the camera's web interface, and automatically switch off when they are no longer in use.

Events may be recorded via a trigger input into the camera. For example, the trigger may be from a process control instrument that activates the camera, sending an image to an email address or FTP server. An input barrier is used for compliance and safety. If the LED lighting unit is included, the lights will activate automatically to provide a clear image on the area of interest.

ATEX and IECEx certified IP CCTV cameras for gas and vapour environment in zone 1 and 2 and dust environments 21 and 22.

ATEX is a European standard and IECEx is recognised internationally in countries that include USA, Canada and Australia.

Click here for a guide on the ATEX Directive

Observation in ATEX / hazardous environments / inaccessible areas
High-resolution (up to 4096 x 1536, 6 megapixels) colour camera
Choice of dual or single camera lenses
Ideal system for process monitoring
Remote access via web browser or software (no installation or license fee)
Zone 1, zone 2, zone 21 & zone 22 certified / IP66 / IP67 optional
Compact unit, easy to install (single cable installation)
Utilises Power over Ethernet (PoE) for ease of installation and operation
Built in event recorder with pixel motion detector for event capturing and recording
Low bandwidth requirement
Low power consumption

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