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Mobotix Hemispheric Q25 Digital IP Camera

An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 180° hemispheric view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously, the Q25 can be used in all new scenarios. The Mobotix Q25 features 6 mega pixel image sensor, built in recording feature, image analytics including the Activity Sensor and two way audio.

AllroundMono M25

  • High resolution hemispheric and image processing for widescreen panorama from wall to wall, ideal for access control or entire room monitoring
  • Built in recording (DVR) (up to 64 GB) for long-term recording without network load
  • Digital continuous tilt, pan and zoom without mechanically moving the camera
  • Robust and low maintenance with no moving parts
  • Mobotix 6 mega pixel sensor technology with up to 30 fps and improved zoom
  • Microphone and speaker (two way audio), MxBus and intelligent movement sensors Activity Sensor
  • Optimized image quality and reduced motion blur even in poor lighting conditions

All recorded video can be reviewed and pan, tilt and zoom functions can be performed even after an event has occurred.

The Mobotix Q25 camera can be used via a web browser or Control Centre software. SeSys can design and deliver solutions using the Mobotix Q25 Camera. It is the standard camera used in the hemispheric SeSys Torch Camera. The Mobotix Q25 may also be ordered by itself.

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Mobotix Hemispheric Q25

Mobotix Hemispheric Q25 IP Camera



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