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Body temperature screening

Thermo-Vision Body Temperature Screening to help combat infection spread

The SeSys Thermo-Vision is an easy to use stand-alone unit that requires no operator. The Thermo-Vision unit quickly measures an individual's body temperature and then provides a measurement and identification sticker. This includes a facial print with the date and time in compliance with GDPR, which is done without the need of the individual touching the screen or the unit. In addition the system itself can be monitored remotely to ensure another level of security.

The Thermo-Vision scans the forehead and eye inner-canthus area to determine the body's core temperature. Facial detection software is used to test that the subject has aligned their face in the focal plane of the sensor and begins scanning the subject. Once the scan is complete, the system calculates the core temperature using a translation table and displays the calculated body temperature on the screen.  If a temperature is over the pre-set threshold, the temperature is displayed in 'Red' but no print out provided.

The SeSys Thermo-Vision is proven in its effectiveness. It stands alone as a unit that provides more accurate readings than many other units which are more focused on the Skin Surface Temperature rating which can vary considerably. Only with a precise reading of the body's core temperature can a truly accurate measurement be taken. This process is instantaneous and the result are accessible within seconds.

The Sesys Thermo-Vision can operate as a stand alone unit but can also interface with other thermal screening systems or as part of a range of other measures.


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