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Digital IP Security Cameras for Road, Rail and Depot Surveillance

Suitable for short and long term installations
Rapid deployment - no specialist skills required - one button operation
Remote monitoring via using 3G/4G/GPRS/Wireless data communications
Battery backup / renewable energy sources
High resolution (3 megapixel) images
Weatherproof (IP65) with temperature range of -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
Day/night capability
Watermarked images for use as evidence
Motion detection trigger provides automated alerts
Time-lapse videos can be created
No software license fees

Crime prevention, security and passenger safety are key priorities for the transport industry, and CCTV is playing an increasingly important role in achieving those aims.

Not only does CCTV help to identify security issues and threats to passengers; it also helps to protect assets. Valuable items, such as machinery, tools, metal and cabling, are at risk during construction and routine maintenance of transport networks, especially due to the remoteness of many of these locations.

SeSys range of digital IP camera solutions addresses both short and long term surveillance requirements. The SeSys portable Torch Camera can be hand-held or alternatively can be deployed on a pole, in a vehicle or attached to a wall. Installation can be achieved within 10 minutes and rapidly relocated as required.

Comprising a high resolution digital IP camera, storage, 3G or 4G router and battery, it contains everything that is required to capture and deliver images from remote locations.

With LED lighting, low power consumption and long operating life, the Torch Camera is ideal for areas where power supply is an issue. It also supports alternative energy sources, such as wind, solar or fuel.

An optional GPS module embeds coordinates into a picture so that it is traceable and gives even greater detail for situational awareness.

Please visit our Torch Camera web page for more details.

Application Areas

Road works
Emergency/response vehicle
Remote rail stations
Network Management
City centre flow monitoring
Raised/opening bridges
Temporary locations for sporting events



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