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Digital IP Camera Solutions for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Site Surveillance

Suitable for short and long term installations
Deployable within minutes - no specialist skills required - one button operation
Remote monitoring via using 3G/4G/GPRS/Wireless data communications
Hazardous area monitoring using ATEX cameras
Battery backup / renewable energy sources
Watermarked images for use as evidence
Low power and low maintenance - reduces carbon footprint
Weatherproof (IP65) with temperature range of -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
Automated alerts
Day/night capability
No software license fees
SCADA integration

The remote location of many utility owned sites - such as pumping stations, dams, reservoirs and electricity substations - makes them vulnerable to break-ins, thefts and illegal dumping. Furthermore, regular visits to inspect equipment and processes at these sites can be costly and time consuming.

With SeSys digital IP cameras it is now possible to make virtual site visits to these locations. The cameras make images available to users over the network, allowing them to remotely monitor sites and equipment, and schedule visits when (and only if) required.

SeSys digital IP Torch Camera is ideally suited to areas where power supply is an issue. A stand-alone camera system - with high resolution digital IP camera, storage, 3G router and battery - it has LED lighting, low power consumption and a long operating life. It also supports alternative energy sources, such as wind, solar or fuel cells.

SeSys also has a range of ATEX digital IP cameras designed to operate in hazardous, dangerous or inhospitable areas, such as sewerage pumping stations or areas where there is a build-up of flammable gasses, liquids or dust.

Alarms can be generated and events recorded giving superior image quality in real time.

For many more benefits visit our Torch and ATEX camera web pages.

Application Areas

Water supply
Waste water
Trash screens
Flood defences
Electricity and gas networks
River monitoring
Off shore oil rigs
Petrochemical sites



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