The Thermo-Vision is an easy to use, stand-alone device that requires no operator. The Thermo-Vision unit quickly measures an individual's body temperature and then provides a measurement and identification sticker.

The Thermo-Vision is a contactless device which scans the forehead and eye inner-canthus area to determine the body's core temperature and then provides a measurement and identification label which includes a facial print with the date and time stamp.

The SeSys Thermo-Vision is proven in its effectiveness. It stands alone as a unit that provides more accurate readings than many other units which are more focused on the skin surface temperature rating which can vary considerably. Only with a precise reading of the body's core temperature can a truly accurate measurement be taken. This process is instantaneous and the result are accessible within seconds.

The Sesys Thermo-Vision can operate as a stand alone unit but can also interface with other thermal screening systems or as part of a range of other measures.

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