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SeSys are a UK manufacturer of wireless CCTV and hazardous environment (Ex) cameras - the professional choice when reliability and image quality matter.

The 4G Redeployable CCTV solution is self-contained and will alert you when action is required. Secure two-way interrogation of the live camera and image recordings are achieved via 4G or 3G mobile network, WiFi, Point-to-Point (PtP) or even IP LAN.
The low-powered 4G Torch Camera includes an anti-tamper battery back-up and although designed for fast, single-person deployment, they are ideal for longer-term applications including mobile, trailer and solar based integration.

4G Torch Camera applications include security and process monitoring, health & safety of workforce and time-lapse construction projects to name a few.

SeSys range of ATEX and IECEx certified cameras are ideal for Operational and Security applications where high-resolution image quality is key to remotely monitoring hazardous or explosive areas.

Thermal Radiometry (TR) cameras are able to generate automatic alarms triggered on temperature fluctuation above or below pre-defined parameters across upto 20 zones within the image.

Thermal Radiometry monitoring is a vital tool to detect potential fire, heat sources or even cooling on production lines.


SeSys work with best of breed IP manufacturers such as cameras from Mobotix, illuminators from Raytec and wireless bridges from Repeatit among others, to deliver bespoke solutions, off the shelf products and components. Torch Camera is the most advanced rapid deployment IP CCTV camera solution. Utilising high resolution cameras, 4G LTE and Wireless connectivity, the Torch Camera can be deployed in minutes and monitored anywhere in the world. Our Connect service enables a camera to be accessed via 3G or 4G mobile network, configured and data retrieved remotely, quickly and easily. The camera triggered by, for example, motion detection, generates an alarm and records footage to the cameras video storage. Fast search and retrieval of the camera's footage is paramount giving the situational awareness in order that the appropriate response is taken. This removes the burden placed upon a control room and ensures that nothing is missed.

SeSys is an Advanced Mobotix Partner and Advanced Technology Partner of Mobotix cameras, Gold Partner of Repeatit wireless products, and Authorised reseller for Vodafone.

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