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Welcome to SeSys.

SeSys - the provider of specialist high-resolution digital IP camera systems.

SeSys is the leading CCTV specialist; providing surveillance solutions that can be deployed almost anywhere and active within minutes. Our high-resolution digital IP cameras produce the highest quality images for a variety of applications, from traditional security surveillance purposes, to overseeing production and mechanical processes, documenting construction progress and monitoring wildlife and the environment.

Our rapid deployment Torch Camera is a completely portable stand-alone camera system. It can can be hand-held, wall or pole mounted and is rugged, anti-vandal and weatherproofed to survive the harshest conditions. The units easy-fit system ensures it can be deployed and relocated within minutes to meet changing operational conditions.

We also offer a range of robust ATEX and IECEx standard cameras for monitoring hazardous and hostile environments, such as Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO's) and areas with explosive atmospheres.

SeSys cameras are deployed globally and we pride ourselves on delivering a complete solution to meet our customers security and monitoring needs; providing consultancy, installation, training and support.

Our digital IP camera systems have won numerous awards and are benefiting a number of leading government, public and private organisations.

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