We pride ourselves on providing our clients with digital IP camera systems which precisely align with their needs. Our service is cost effective but our solutions are never compromised - components of the highest quality and the systems we develop, design and deploy are always robust.

Not only is SeSys an award winning supplier of digital IP camera systems, but we also have partnerships with a range of high quality manufacturers and continue to innovate to improve our product range. Our team benefits from ongoing development and training to ensure that we are able to provide the best quality digital IP camera systems which utilise the latest technological advancements. 

High quality

We use enterprise-grade components to manufacture all of our cameras and products - the result? They’re of exceptional quality. Our knowledgeable engineers bring high levels of expertise and intelligence to the products through their design and innovation.

UK manufacturing

Our entire manufacturing process takes place in the UK using premium parts, so you can rest assured that what you receive will meet the most stringent of quality standards.

Image quality

Our advanced technologies mean that the images our cameras provide are crystal clear and second-to-none.

Thermal radiometry

We offer thermal radiometry cameras within our safe and hazardous area range. These cameras generate automatic alarms, triggered by temperature fluctuations outside of pre-defined parameters, across up to 20 zones within the image, and down to single pixel accuracy.

Competitively priced

All of our products are offered at competitive prices, providing excellent value for money. Contact us for a quote and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how cost effective we are.


As a small company, we are flexible and responsive to clients’ needs. We can tailor our products to suit your requirements, whatever they may be, providing a bespoke and unique service that you won’t find elsewhere.

An exceptional team

Our staff are extraordinary. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced and our support staff prioritise customer care every step of the way to ensure the service and products you receive are first-class.

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