The flex mount thermal Torch Camera is a redeployable CCTV cameras that enables you to see beyond the human eye. It has two lenses, either one optical and one thermal, or two thermal, depending on your requirements.

Our 6 megapixel thermal image sensor focuses on the heat or infrared energy that is given off by an object onto a detector that is sensitive to heat. It can be utilised during the day or night and if you opt for one thermal sensor and one optical sensor, they will work together effectively to provide you with the complete picture.

Why choose this camera?

Cyber security

This camera is highly secure, giving you peace of mind that your footage cannot be stolen or the device infiltrated.

Superior image quality

Two high resolution image sensors in a single camera, each capable of up to 6 megapixels. The thermal uncooled microbolometer sensor is highly sensitive which enables an unparalleled heat signature detection range.

No specialist equipment needed

The beauty of our torch cameras is that the image data is streamed directly to you. You can view your footage via a standard web browser on your tablet or phone without the need for specialist equipment or even a PC!

Thermal radiometry

The Thermal Radiometry (TR) sensor will be able to generate automatic alarms, defined by temperature limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire, heat sources or even cooling. Up to 20 independent temperature triggers can be easily defined and configured within the image area.

Activity sensor

This intelligent analytical software is much smarter than conventional video motion detection as it can filter out things that may cause false alarms, such as rain or the wind moving a tree. It can be configured remotely and activated with just a few clicks.


Everything you need is right there - the camera comes with an integral SD storage card, router and battery so it’s highly portable.

Rapid deployment

The camera is extremely versatile and can be deployed in minutes. Pole or wall-mount installations are simplified to single worker deployment using the easy-fit bracket which includes cut-outs for securing the camera.

Durable housing

The camera comes in a lightweight stainless steel housing, which is corrosion resistant, durable and weatherproof.

Low maintenance

With no moving parts, the camera is low maintenance and has a long lifespan, making it extremely cost effective.


The camera is able to send alerts via email - including images - highlighting events and removing the need for constant monitoring.

Battery options

You will have a range of battery options to choose from, including one that will provide up to 7 days of power.

Use case market sectors for this product


Border Security


Critical national infrastructure

First responders



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