Our rapid deployment cameras are perfect to help provide safe monitoring of dangerous situations which first responders can find themselves in on a regular basis.

The emergency services are made up of paramedics, police officers and firefighters; brave people who put their lives at risk to ensure public safety. Our rapid deployment cameras are utilised by many of them every day in a range of situations.

Paramedics may use them to relay footage to medical staff in hospital to allow them to assist with treatment, police officers may drop a camera near a volatile situation then retreat to a safe position to monitor footage and plan the next action and a firefighter may pole-mount the camera to get a better look at road traffic accidents or a bird’s eye view of a fire before going in.

Drop and retreat

Our range of digital IP torch cameras are ideal for these purposes as they work extremely well in ‘drop and retreat’ situations, which can take away the need for personnel to be present. They may allow them to direct and resolve the situation from a safe distance, and at the very least they give the first responders the chance to observe the situation firsthand before deciding on the best course of action for a successful outcome.

Evaluation and training

The footage that is captured can also be very useful for post event evaluation, so that what occurred can be revisited and discussed to see what could be improved or done differently next time to get an even better outcome. This footage can also be used for training new personnel, to give them real-life footage to dissect and learn from.

Why use our rapid deployment cameras for this application?

  • Cameras can be handheld or pole-mounted, making them ideal for many scenarios
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Ideal for day and night-time use
  • Thermal options available
  • A record of all footage will be retained
  • Ease of use - footage can be accessed by the viewer instantly using a standard web browser on a phone or tablet
  • Compact, weatherproof casing
  • Can be supported by a battery pack that will last up to 7 days

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Rapid Deployment Cameras

Our redeployable camera range encompasses our award-winning wireless CCTV Torch Camera, ideal for use in the areas of security surveillance, disaster response, incident monitoring and public order situations.


Hazardous Area Cameras (Ex)

Our explosion proof camera (Ex) range provides high quality, resilient images and remote monitoring in inhospitable and hazardous environments.


Temperature Screening Camera

Our contactless, easy to use, stand-alone unit that requires no operator; the Thermo-Vision unit quickly measures an individual's body temperature and then provides a measurement and identification label.

Other sectors our camera range can support:

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