Our rapid deployment cameras are used by the police for many purposes and they act as force multipliers, making it possible for officers to do a better job than they would be able to do without them.

The mobile CCTV cameras also provide an ‘extra pair of eyes’ for those on location, making it possible for fellow officers offsite to view the events and offer direction.

Rapid deployment

The cameras' portable nature makes them ideal for quick deployment and redeployment in emergency situations. The compact models are especially good for this purpose and they are able to be handheld or pole-mounted for different vantage points.

Our wireless CCTV Torch Cameras are often used in this way to aid situations when security may be threatened or for scenarios such as traffic monitoring. They are particularly useful during sting operations as they can be quickly deployed and positioned in order to capture someone committing a crime.

Caught on camera

Antisocial behaviour and fly-tipping are examples of other activities that can be easily captured with our Torch Cameras. They can be wall or pole-mounted, which makes them ideal for positioning in public places such as roads popular with large numbers of pub goers or on lampposts for areas notorious for fly tipping.

Why use our rapid deployment cameras for this application?

  • Cameras can be quickly installed, making them ideal for many plug and play scenarios
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Ideal for day and night-time use
  • Choice of single or double lens depending on the area you need covered
  • Thermal lens options are available for when you need to see more than optical can offer
  • Highly secure, giving you peace of mind that your system cannot be infiltrated
  • Cameras can send alarms to alert personnel to activity, while potentially activating a secondary deterrent (relevant for fly tipping and anti social behaviour scenarios)
  • An encrypted record of all footage will be retained
  • Ease of use - footage can be accessed by the viewer instantly using a standard web browser on a phone or tablet
  • Compact, weatherproof casing
  • Can be supported by a battery pack that will last up to 7 days

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Rapid Deployment Cameras

Our redeployable camera range encompasses our award-winning wireless CCTV Torch Camera, ideal for use in the areas of security surveillance, disaster response, incident monitoring and public order situations.


Hazardous Area Cameras (Ex)

Our explosion proof camera (Ex) range provides high quality, resilient images and remote monitoring in inhospitable and hazardous environments.


Temperature Screening Camera

Our contactless, easy to use, stand-alone unit that requires no operator; the Thermo-Vision unit quickly measures an individual's body temperature and then provides a measurement and identification label.

Other sectors our camera range can support:

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