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Mobotix AllroundMono M25 Digital IP Camera

The Mobotix M25 family comprises compact, cost-efficient and extremely powerful allround cameras featuring 6MP sensor technology and a vast choice of lenses including hemispheric models. Using the Mobotix integrated camera analytics the M25 camera will activate when, for example the Activity Sensor detects movement. Internal storage on a MicroSD card saves the footage for review and an alarm can be sent.

The M25 is a very flexible single lens camera suited to many different applications, typically outdoors, where the IP66 weatherproof protection allows it to withstand the elements.

AllroundMono M25

  • Freely configurable lens: Telephoto/wide-angle lens, day/night, CSVario and hemispheric (180°)
  • Latest Mobotix 6MP image sensor technology delivers excellent image quality with audio
  • Fast and simple installation on walls, poles or ceilings
  • Integrated DVR (up to 64 GB) for high resolution video recording without affecting the network load
  • Sturdy, low-maintenance and weatherproof from -30 to +50 °C (-22 to +122 °F) (IP 66)
  • Digital, continuous panning, tilting, zooming
  • Microphone, speaker and intelligent movement sensors Activity Sensor

All recorded video can be reviewed and pan, tilt and zoom functions can be performed even after an event has occurred.

The Mobotix M25 camera can be used via a web browser or Control Centre software. SeSys can design and deliver solutions using the Mobotix M25 Camera, including integration with the SeSys Torch Camera. The Mobotix M25 may also be ordered by itself.

Allround M25M Technical Data Allround M25M Technical Data



Mobotix AllroundMono M25 Camera

Mobotix AllroundMono M25 IP Camera



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