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Thermal M15

Thermal Cameras

Based on the proven design of the M15 platform, this new thermal imaging IP CCTV camera opens up an entirely new range of possibilities. Combined with the analytical capabilities of the camera to detect video motion (Activity Sensor), it is now possible to detect, for example, someone moving in total darkness.

The series of thermal radiometry (TR) models (M15, S15, S15 PTMount) will generate automatic alarms, defined by temperature limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources. Up to 20 different temperature triggers can be easily defined within the new TR (Thermal Radiometry) window or the whole sensor image can be used with a typical accuracy of ±10°C. When combined with an optical sensor, thermal dual camera systems offer thermal overlay to localize the hot spot in the visual image which helps to identify where the hotspot is

The weatherproof M15 - Thermal is available with a choice of three lens angles; 45° L43, 25° L65 and 17° L135 horizontal field of view.

  • Modular system with interchangeable 6 mega pixel image sensors
  • 336x252 pixel sensor, 9 fps: Can be upscaled to 3072x2048 image
  • Combine thermal imaging with day/night camera for 24-hour use
  • Including video motion detection software and Activity Sensor

Modular System Setup

The Mobotix M15 camera platform consists of three main components:

  • Housing with integrated camera electronics, flash memory, external ports (Ethernet, MxBus, MiniUSB) and pre-installed VarioFlex mount for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Front element to hold the thermal sensor and optional second sensor modules, with microphone, speaker, passive infrared sensor (PIR), outside temperature sensor and status LEDs
  • Thermal sensor plus optional second sensor modules with lens, image sensor, microphone and status LEDs
AllroundMono M25

The Mobotix M15 Thermal Core module comes with a thermal imaging sensor, VarioFlex mount, connection cables for a second sensor module and network. In addition to the thermal imaging sensor a second image sensor module, which need to be ordered separately, can be supplied.

Pre-focused at the factory either a day or night sensor with lens choices from telephoto to wide angle extends the possibilities for analysing the video. The modular system, which provides maximum flexibility when configuring the camera, is also easily reconfigured by replacing a sensor module.

All recorded video can be reviewed and pan, tilt and zoom functions can be performed even after an event has occurred.

The Mobotix M15 Thermal camera can be used via a web browser or Control Centre software. SeSys can design and deliver solutions using the Mobotix M15 Thermal Camera, including integration with the SeSys Torch Camera. The Mobotix M15 Thermal may also be ordered by itself.

A version of the Mobotix M15 without thermal capabilities is also available. For more information click here to see the Mobotix M15 product description.

M15 & S15 Thermal Technical Data M15 & S15 Thermal Technical Data



Mobotix M15 Dual Thermal Camera

Mobotix Allround M15 IP Camera



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