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British Technology Proudly Helping Companies and Other Organisation Return to Work| May 2020

SeSys are proud to announce its contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by helping companies and other organisations return to work safely through the use of its fever screening assistive technology Thermo-Vision. The unit quickly measures an individual's body temperature and then provides a measurement and identification sticker which includes a facial print with the date and time, providing confidence those near to you have undergone a similar screening.

fever screening

For more information view our Thermo-Vision product page here.


airport fever screening


fever screening

Self-contained Early Warning Fever Screening on Humans| January 2020

The aim of this news update is to inform those considering using Infrared Thermographic imaging
as a mass screening system for fever detection as a means to combat against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Infrared Thermography is the ONLY EARLY WARNING sensing Technology to be applied for detecting
remotely any abnormal Human temperature in Fever Screening scenarios.

SeSys Thermographic Cameras measure the infrared energy emitted by the Human Body remotely and consequently with operation simplicity as NO PHYSICAL CONTACT with the sensor or personnel
presence is necessary. Stand-alone or fixed camera capability meets most requirements.

Live Monitoring for Early Warning Fever detection can be applied in:
- Airports / Sea Ports
- Cruise Ships
- Hospitals
- Enterprise Buildings
- Stadiums
- Large Logistic Centers
- Industrial sites
- Schools / Universities
- Military installations

Lower NETD Sensor provides Superior Thermal Spectrum

Sensor quality

Download the Early Warning Fever detection presentation here


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Al Jazeera choose SeSys Torch Camera | November 2015

Tarek Bazley from Al Jazeera, an international TV network, recognises the value of the rapid deployment technology SeSys manufacture when recording their coverage of the event.

Watch the full Al Jazeera report "Can 'smart city' networks thwart attacks?"

View the 'behind-the-scenes' report from Sesys;

2015 9/11 Transportation Security Enterprise Award Recipient | 12 November 2015

In recognition of SeSys’s contribution in the international security community the InterPortPolice and the 9/11 Award Committee have honoured SeSys a prestigious 9/11 Transport security Award. The awards ceremony is held in remembrance of their fallen police colleagues on September 11, 2001 and those officers and officials who follow in their footsteps making the world a safer place.

SeSys were one of only thirteen companies selected for the 2015 award and the Secretary General Jay Grant stated;

"Those selected commercial companies each exemplified outstanding contribution in innovation or sustainable development for products and or services that have significantly assisted law enforcement and public safety in their transportation security mission. Your organization is recognized as one of these selected few internationally."

The latest in Low-light / No-light CCTV technology | 1 June 2015

Seeing is believing

Short exposure times are essential for monitoring and security applications where every frame captured needs to be sharp and in focus; excessive motion blur and disruption caused by exposure adjustments are undesirable and hinder image performance.

SeSys has new technology that captures significantly more light and is up to 300 times more light sensitive than previous cameras.

If you want to quite literally get your hands on this latest low-light and no-light CCTV technology visit us on stand 250 at the IFSEC International exhibition, Excel, London, UK on 16 - 18 June, 2015.

Register for IFSEC International here.

Alternatively contact our Sales Team ( should you wish to find out more on our low-light or thermal technology.

Low-Light / No-Light Challenge

Visit us on stand 250 at the IFSEC International exhibition, Excel, London, UK on 16 - 18 June, 2015.

SeSys' partner Nevada Solar Designs at ISC West, USA | 1 June 2015

SeSys' partner Nevada Solar Designs, discusses the benefits of solar power in rapid deployment and permanent installations in conjunction with the SeSys Torch Camera. This was made at the ISC 2015 booth. For more information on solar powered camera solutions visit us at

Alternatively contact our Sales Team

ISC West Screen Shot

Bob Damru, Nevada Solar Designs at ISC West, USA.

Keeping up with Mother Nature | 18 May 2015

In a recent interview with Security News Desk's Kirsty McMahon, SeSyS's Operations Director Dan Eames explains the challenges faced when installing & maintaining security equipment in locations that experience extreme weather conditions.

Mobotix Camera on Mount Everest

Dan went on to describe some of the cost savings that can be achieved by installing cameras in remote locations. The reduced need to have boots on the ground in remote locations represents a huge saving in terms of cost and resources.

Read the full article here.

Camera at Antartic weather station

Cameras in extreme locations.
Mobotix camera at a weather station on Antartica

Police have eyes on downtown Bound Brook NJ | 23 October 2014

The Bound Brook Police Department is using portable new audio-visual technology to keep a watchful eye on downtown. The SeSys Torch Camera was developed by SeSys Inc. of Towson, Md. and is currently available in 30 countries around the world.

A new self-contained, Internet-based security system that can be easily moved from location to location as needed has been deployed near the NJ Transit train station on Main Street, according to Lt. Kevin Rivenbark of the Bound Brook Police.

"We can set it up in events areas and hot spots," Rivenbark said. "It can operate live or activated by motion or sound detection."

The system has video and audio live streaming and recording capability, can be set to only run when triggered by sensors or be always on, and has a built-in public address system for outgoing announcements, Rivenbark said.

"The Torch camera solution gives police departments the ability to move cameras around in changing environments," Jake Cmarada of SeSys Inc. said. "Not to mention giving a department the ability to address the crime patterns in their cities and towns."

For the full story visit

And for more on the Torch Camera.

Downtown Bound Brook

Bound Brook's Main Street is monitored by a Torch Camera. Picture courtesy Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media for

SeSys's Torch Camera now supports 4G connectivity | 2 October 2012

SeSys is proud to announce that its award-winning Torch Camera now supports 4G connectivity.

SeSys's Torch Camera is an IP based camera solution that uses mobile network connectivity to deliver video images to users via an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), control room or web browser. With integrated high resolution camera, storage, battery and router the Torch Camera is a self-contained camera system.

With ten hours autonomy the Torch Camera can be deployed in minutes and uses mobile networks for remote access to live and recorded video. Not only will users be able to download recorded video faster, they will also experience improved frame rates at all image resolutions.

4G is the next generation standard for mobile communications. Improving on existing 3G services, 4G will offer greater data rates. Therefore, the ability to connect via 4G will provide improved connectivity for the Torch Camera. Most notably improvements to frame rate and resolution will be achieved as well asreducing time to download an important video sequence. This will make the Torch Camera more agile to use remotely and improve the experience of the user.

4G networks are already established in the USA and mainland Europe, 4G services are set to be launched in the UK later in the year.

Technical Director for SeSys, Dan Eames, said, "At SeSys we are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers and as such we are always developing our products to feature the latest technology. Introducing 4G capability is part of our program to continually develop SeSys's products".

More on the Torch Camera.

SeSys Torch Camera in use

CCTV is key to crime prevention and passenger safety in today's transport networks | 28 August 2012

Crime prevention, security and passenger safety are key priorities for the transport industry, and CCTV is playing an increasingly important role in achieving those aims.

Not only does CCTV help to identify security issues and threats to passengers, it also helps to protect assets. Valuable items, such as machinery, tools, metal and cabling, are at risk during construction and routine maintenance of transport networks, especially due to the remoteness of many of these locations.

David Cawkell discusses these issues on page 105 of Rail Technology Magazine. Click here for innovative digital CCTV camera solutions for the transport industry.

monitoring valueble rail assets

SeSys presented with 'Solution Award' for rapid deployment Torch Camera, from partner Mobotix | 14 July 2012

Presented to SeSys at the 2012 Mobotix National Partner Conference, the award recognises and celebrates the use of Mobotix technology within SeSys's rapid deployment Torch Camera.

This adds to the Torch Camear's growing list of awards, which includes 'Best Hardware Award' and 'Innovation of the Year Award' (Security Awards IIPSEC 2009) and a 'Homeland Security Asia Award' (Merlion, Safety and Security Asia 2009).

This is not the first time that SeSys has been recognised by Mobotix. Last year Mobotix presented SeSys with "Project of the Year Award" for its work with Southern Water, providing visual verification for drinking water sampling procedures, and in 2009 with an 'Integrated Product Solution Award'. In May this year SeSys was presented with a £7,500 Mobotix live demo display stand for meeting sales targets.

SeSys Mobotix Award

SeSys's Technical Director, Dan Eames (left), and Managing Director, David Cawkell (right), with Dr Magnus Ekerot from Mobotix HQ Germany

New Easy Fit bracket provides instant and easily portable surveillance | 4 July 2012

SeSys unveils its new Easy Fit bracket which allows organisations to rapidly deploy and re-deploy surveillance cameras.

The Easy Fit bracket can be attached to a pole, wall or corner of a building and requires no specialist staff or skills. SeSys's multi-award winning Torch Camera (which can also be used as a handheld device) simply slots into the bracket and locks into place.

This simple mounting process makes it ideal for relocating cameras quickly to meet changing operational and business priorities.

Find out more about the Easy Fit Bracket and view Easy Fit Bracket installation.

SeSys's Easy-fit bracket

Wessex Water utilise SeSys ATEX camera solution for new storm drain chamber | 21 November 2011

When Wessex Water wanted to install a camera in their new Bristol storm drain they turned to SeSys for a solution. "We had experience working with SeSys and IP cameras from other projects and it was felt that the technology would be useful especially during the commissioning phase," explains Dave Mining of Wessex Water.
For the full story please click here...

Ashton Screen

Time lapse video professional uses SeSys Torch Camera | 31 October 2011

A SeSys Torch camera was deployed by Howards to capture an eighteen month building project. The construction, by Skanska, was captured by the Torch Camera and images stored automatically off site on a SeSys hosted video storage system. Images were periodically downloaded and a video produced without ever needing to visit site.
For the full story please click here...

Howards school

SeSys Introduce ExuS Technology Video Storage products to the UK | 28 October 2011

SeSys is delighted to announce the introduction of ExuS Technology video storage systems into their product portfolio. This complements the Mobotix cameras by offering premium grade storage based on a long standing of expertise in the storage solution business. For more on the video storage systems.

Exus Technology

SeSys Torch Camera helps catch metal thieves | 12 October 2011

A SeSys Torch camera which was deployed to protect a remote site catches intruders attempting to steal high value metals. Portsmouth City Council's recycling centre was targeted in the night but the site manager saw two men on the site and called the Police. For the full story please click here...

PCC Recycling centre

SeSys newest members of ADS | 15 July 2011

SeSys are pleased to announce their membership of ADS (Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries). For further information regarding ADS please click here.

ADS Members

SeSys feature in "Policing" Today 2011 | 22 June 2011

Following the success of exhibiting at HOSDB and Counter Terror Expo, SeSys Torch Camera is the subject of an article in Policing Today 2011 (Issue 17.2). Click here to read the article.

SeSys Awarded "Project of the Year" for Innovative Installation for Southern Water | 14 February 2011

SeSys Limited were the proud receipients of "Project of the Year" for their work providing visual verification for Southern Water's drinking water sampling procedures.

"The project with Southern Water is a great example of CCTV as a health and safety asset and cost saver" explains Dan Eames, Technical and Projects Manager (pictured right with Mike Lewis and Dominic Chapman of Mobotix). "This was a great project to be involved with and we are delighted that Mobotix recognised the merits of this solution to the end user."

The Award Ceremony, held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel was the highlight of the recent Mobotix National Partner Conference, held on the 14th and 15th February 2011.

Project of the Year winners

Innovative Water Treatment Plant Project Captured with SeSys Solution | 10 February 2011

A SeSys camera solution has been selected to record the construction of £74 million upgrade of a United Utilities waste water treatment works.

The plant, which is one of the UK's largest, will be able to generate increased electricity from biogas generated by the new process. To document this process Black & Veatch, the Principle Contractor, selected SeSys to provide a wireless network and multiple high resolution cameras linked to a recording and monitoring solution.

"We selected SeSys based on our work with them on previous projects where they have always delivered quality equipment with the highest levels of professionalism and a good understanding of our organisational requirements." Comments Ian Barker, Chief Engineer - Electrical for Black & Veatch.

The camera system allows staff to view the site remotely, reducing United Utilities carbon footprint by reducing journeys to site. The cameras will also create a detailed record of the two year construction project to be retained for future reference as a time-lapse video. For full story please click here...

Davyhulme WWT

Shedding some light on the Torch | 8 December 2010

SeSys Torch Camera has been reviewed on the MXInstaller website. For further details Shedding some light on the Torch.

MXInstaller provides the latest reviews, how-to tutorials and expert commentary on Mobotix IP cameras, software and related networking technologies.

New Enhancements To The Award Winning SeSys Torch Camera |16 November 2010

The Award Winning SeSys Torch Camera has just got better!! In addition to the 3MP high resolution digital camera, 3G (HSUPA) router and integral battery the Torch camera is now available with WiFi too. The small compact nature of the Torch camera enables it to be deployed and operational in just 10 minutes or less, delivering pictures to wherever you need them including a control room, office PC, smart phone or iPad.

The addition of WiFi boosts the connectivity of the Torch camera to allow a user to download video from the camera without disturbing the operation of the camera or using large amounts of mobile bandwidth. The camera will continue to record during the download process ensuring that you don't miss a thing. This simplified connectivity also allows someone to retrieve data by themselves as it is not necessary to physically retrieve a disk or plug in a cable.

SeSys continue to work with various Government Agencies, Utilities, Construction Companies and sectors across B&I nationwide and globally providing not only the Torch Camera, but cameras for hazardous areas, process monitoring and digital IP Cameras as a Mobotix solutions Partner. In the current economic climate SeSys are finding that the significant benefits of their camera systems reducing the cost of visiting remote sites and manned guarding are really hitting home.


Shown below are some of the Market Segments addressed by SeSys. Please contact us at for more information.

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