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Wireless, High-Resolution, Digital IP Camera

The multi-award winning Torch Camera is a portable, weatherproof, self-contained rapid deployment CCTV camera system that comprises of a digital IP camera with one or two 6 megapixel image sensors (Thermal imaging sensor also available), video storage, 3G or 4G router and battery. Available in a Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK), the Torch Camera is compact and lightweight enough to be transported in a vehicle and be installed quickly and easily with minimal technical training.

Once switched on the Torch Camera, using 3G or 4G mobile network, is available remotely to a user in minutes using a web browser or Control Centre software. An optional WiFi access point is perfectly suited for the installation process or as part of an integration with a local wireless network monitoring solution. When installing the camera the simple web browser interface can be accessed. The Torch Camera is also available as a wireless WiFi only system where a local network is available or is to be proved.

The SeSys Torch Camera can be deployed as a single camera or as a dual camera unit to provide day/night operation or, if the sensors are identical a wider area of coverage is achieved. Most camera models feature one of a range of lens so that these can be changed to suit the application. When a wider area is covered with multi mega pixel image sensors there is no need to miss any action. With more than 30x more resolution than a conventional camera, the Torch Camera's superior image covers a wider area negating the need for pan, tilt and zoom which all too often is looking in the wrong place. A thermal imaging sensor can also be combined with a day or night sensor and makes an ideal solution for monitoring large areas which may also be unlit.

Built-in storage keeps a record of events that can be downloaded post event over the internet or locally with an optional Wi-Fi connection. Footage can be recorded at resolutions and frame rates independently of the live view. This is suited to numerous applications where the recorded footage can be of the highest quality and frame rate for a variety of uses. The Control Centre software suite also facilitates the post processing of this video. Applying zoom, and image correction after the event and without the need for any hardware.

When the Torch Camera is triggered an email or alarm can be sent. This alarm notifies the user of an event that requires attention. Intelligent, the Torch Camera is suited to many applications and doesn't require constant monitoring as users / ARCs (alarm receiving centres) are alerted to problems by automated and configurable alarms.

It isn't just event recording that the Torch Camera excels at. For operations that require situational awareness the Torch Camera can be put into position and monitored remotely. Simple buttons can alternate between different image resolutions and frame rates for optimum operational performance.

Other tasks such as time lapse or other regular monitoring requirements, where images can be saved or sent automatically, are saved or transferred without impacting on the live view.

Providing digital PTZ and optional day/night lens functionality, the Torch camera has no moving parts; ensuring low power consumption and little maintenance requirements. The built-in battery unit can be used for up to 10 hours without recharging (subject to camera specification). With less to go wrong and maintain the Torch Camera is a long lasting (high MTBF) camera system with exceptional total cost of ownership.

SeSys Torch Camera can be hand-held or mounted on a pole, building or vehicle. Camera images can be accessed by designated users through a web browser on a smartphone, PC or other internet device via WiFi network or by using the SeSys Connect cloud based service for 3G and 4G enabled Torch Cameras.

The SeSys Easy-fit Bracket (see Press Release) makes installing the Torch Camera even quicker and easier Click-here to see a video recording of an Easy-fit Bracket installation.

Click here to see a video of the SeSys Torch Camera.

Click here to so see examples of thermal imaging.

Wireless digital IP camera in durable stainless steel housing
6 Mega pixel image sensors
High-resolution (up to 6144 x 2048, 12 megapixels)
4G/3G/GPRS/Wi-Fi data communications
Integral SD card storage (up to 128GB), Router and Battery
Choice of single, dual or hemispheric lens and thermal imaging
Deployable within minutes - no specialist skills required - one button operation
Built in event recorder with motion detection and automated alarms
Low bandwidth requirement
Low power consumption
Cameras accessible anywhere via web browser or license free software

Torch IP Camera
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SeSys Torch Camera in use

SeSys Torch Camera

Torch IP Camera


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