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What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is sent from a website to be stored in the user’s computer or mobile device when using an internet browser.  When the browser visits the same website in the future, the data that was collected is used to improve the user’s experience.  While Cookies contain a unique identifier, they cannot be used to personally identify the user.  Cookies can also be used to record information such as the duration of your visit (session cookies), when you leave the site and later return (persistent cookies) and how you interact with the website (tracking cookies).

Google Analytics

SeSys employs Google Analytics to improve visitors experience when visiting our site.  This helps us to recognise how visitors come to the SeSys site, what pages they view and what paths they take when navigating the site.  Google Analytics does not provide us with the ability to identify you personally and the data is only used to help us improve our site.

Below is a list of Cookies that may be used on the SeSys Website:

Session Cookies

These support essential functionality such as recording your logged-in status for the duration of your visit.  As soon as you leave our website these cookies are removed.

Tracking Cookies

These allow us to recognise when a user returns to our Website. We can see which of our web pages have been viewed, what options have been selected and the path taken when navigating through our site. We use this information to improve the usability of our website.

How to Block Cookies?

By visiting the SeSys website we have assumed that you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer or mobile device.  If you would prefer to block these cookies, then you can do this by configuring your browser settings – please refer to for details on how to control or delete cookies in your browser or please refer to your product manual for mobile devices.


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