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SeSys provide surveillance solutions using the latest Mobotix 5 mega-pixel digital IP cameras to provide smooth, high-resolution video streams with 1536 lines, including sound, with nothing more than a web browser.

SeSys offer the entire range of Mobotix digital IP CCTV cameras featuring the latest in camera technology. The benefits include reliable live and recorded video, easy to use browser or Control Centre software, integral image processing to trigger recording and a simplified architecture that doesn’t need specialist, dedicated support equipment.

Far more powerful than conventional analogue cameras, IP CCTV cameras are also more cost-effective than traditional CCTV video technology. With upto 30x more resolution than a conventional camera our range of IP CCTV cameras can provide the same, or better coverage, using fewer cameras. They are easier to use to. For instance, they do not need to be linked to VHS players or unwieldy DVR, images are simply monitored on a local PC or tablet device or remotely using the internet via broadband or mobile connection. There’s no need to invest in systems that have no other use.

The cameras also have built-in intelligence to recognise when an event is occurring so that they only record and raise and alarm when something is actually happening, event recording; event recording reduces the demand on bandwidth and the need to record hours of uneventful footage. Retireving recorded footage using an event list simplifies the process of reviewing events that have taken place.

With digital PTZ and optional day/night lens functionality, digital IP CCTV cameras have no moving parts; ensuring low power, low maintenance and a long lasting (high MTBF) camera system – digital PTZ also records a full scence, even if an operator has zoomed in. The camera continues to monitor and record allowing an operator to review the footage and pan, tilt and zoom in to fresh areas even after the event has occurred.

IP CCTV cameras also allow full size and frame rate recording independent of a live image. Conventional CCTV cameras only record in CIF resolution, which is more often than not close to useless. Why? When it is entirely justified to install a camera would the highest quality recording not be made? SeSys and Mobotix deliver IP CCTV solutions that breaks through the defined CCTV limits and enables recording in multi mega pixel resolution. Recordings without loss of quality or fidelity lever the benefits achieved with this technology and can only enhance and improve the reasons for installing a CCTV camera in the first place.

Other Digital IP camera Functions include:

Superior image quality - Offering 30 times more detail than analogue video systems using CIF, the 5 megapixel resolution (6 mega pixel 4096x1536 with dual Pano model) provides detailed, evidential quality images, helping to identify individuals, vehicles and other vital details. Due to the more accurate detail provided fewer cameras are required.

4G/3G/GPRS/Wireless data communications - Connecting via a 4G/3G/GPRS/wireless network, images are accessible from anywhere in the world via PC, smartphone, iPad, or any Internet device. Find out more about SeSys Connect service.

Integrated storage – Integrated recording and image storage in the cameras means there is no requirement to purchase additional video management software. Recording can be continuous or event driven (e.g. motion, sound), which saves on storage. Events are easy to search and retrieve, without affecting camera operation. Or, when more activity is expected, the range of XQand video storage systems deliver professional security industry products with comprehensive Mobotix support.

Event controlled recording – The camera can be set to record when specific events happen, for example when detecting movement or when the volume recorded by the microphone exceeds a set trigger value. Recordings can also be scheduled to start and stop at specific times.

Low bandwidth requirement – The streaming format delivers higher frame rate video with audio at extremely low network load (1 to 2 Mbps). With event controlled recording (see above) video is only transmitted when events happen, keeping bandwidth requirement low.

Alarm/event activation – Email alarms, complete with images, alert users to problems; negating the need for constant monitoring. This integrates with ARCs (alarm receiving centres). Alarms can be based on motion, sound, light, or other configurable triggers.

Voice recording – Many camera models include lip-synchronous audio and intercom features. Room surveillance with audio is possible using Internet Explorer. Users can receive an alarm when the audio is activated.

Day, night and thermal cameras - Day/Night models with two image sensors (colour and monochrome) deliver brilliant colour images during the day and crisp monochrome images at night. Optional infrared lights (which do not cause light pollution) further enhance night time images not visible to the human eye. Thermal imaging removes the need for any illumination and can very effectively provide surveillance of a large area. Thermal imaging cameras can be specified with an additional day or night image sensor.

Rugged and weatherproof - SeSys cameras are certified to IP65 and are designed for outdoor as well as indoor usage. Power over network (802.3af) not only powers the camera but produces sufficient heat so that it will also work in winter without risk of condensation. Minimum/maximum temperatures: -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F)

No license fee or software installation – There is no software license fee. Each camera can be monitored via a web browser or with a free video management system Control Centre. Control Centre enables a user to manage multiple cameras and video images.

SeSys is an Advanced Mobotix Partner and an Advanced Mobotix Technology Partner.

AllroundMono M25


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