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Portable, Pole or wall Mounted Digital IP Surveillance Cameras for the Construction Industry

Suitable for short and long term installations
Rapid deployment - no specialist skills required - one button operation
Remote monitoring via using 3G/4G/GPRS/Wireless data communications
Reduced security personnel required cameras
Battery backup / renewable energy sources
High resolution (3 megapixel) images
Watermarked images for use as evidence
Weatherproof (IP65) with temperature range of -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)
Day/night capability
Motion detection trigger provides automated alerts
Time-lapse videos can be created

Expensive capital equipment, vehicles, tools and raw materials all make construction sites extremely attractive to thieves. Surveillance cameras offer an effective defence against crime and a productive use of security personnel.

The SeSys digital IP Torch Camera is ideally suited to monitor construction sites, which are constantly changing and moving. Highly portable, the Torch Camera can be switched from one site or location to another, in minutes, without any wiring or software installation.

Installing the camera takes less than 10 minutes, with images instantly available to owners, investors and site managers through a PC, smartphone or tablet device.

Comprising a digital IP camera, storage, 3G or 4G router and battery, the Torch Camera's 3 megapixel high resolution provides greatly detailed, evidential quality images, helping to identify individuals, vehicles and other vital information.

The camera can be set to record when an incident occurs, alerting users to a problem and negating the need for constant monitoring.

For many more benefits please visit our digital IP Torch Camera web page.

Application Areas

Construction sites
Time-lapse videos



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