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Portable Digital IP Surveillance Cameras for Emergency Services / First Responders

Hand-held, portable, high resolution IP camera system
Rapid deployment - no specialist skills required - one button operation
Remote monitoring via using 3G/4G/GPRS/Wireless data communications
Suitable for short and long term installations
Battery backup / renewable energy sources
Rugged and weatherproof (IP65) with temperature range of -30° to +60°C (-22 to +140°F)
Day/night capability
Watermarked images for use as evidence
Secure data communication / data transfer
Global positioning recorded with images (optional)
No software license fees

IP cameras can be an invaluable resource in emergency situations, providing high quality images to command and control personnel to help direct and control emergency response.

SeSys Torch Camera is a portable rapid deployment IP camera that can be hand carried or pole mounted. Rugged and durable, the Torch Camera provides emergency services / first responders with the ability to monitor potentially hostile and dangerous situations from afar.

Comprising a wireless digital IP camera, storage, 3G router and battery, the Torch Camera has secure data transmission capability and extraordinary video quality, offering detailed, evidential quality images.

The live video can be viewed by designated users using any internet enabled device - such as PC, iPad and smartphone - enabling both control room staff and commanders in the field to keep control of the situation.

In addition to emergency response, the Torch Camera is also ideal for situational training and pre-deployment briefings. Whether for military, civilian, law enforcement or security force application, it constitutes a highly functional and cost-effective emergency management camera system.

Please visit our Torch Camera web page for more details.

Application Areas

Incident Response
Situational Awareness
Natural disasters
Situational training
Pre-deployment briefing

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