How camera technology supports your hazardous environment protocols.

Adding high-resolution intelligent camera technology to your hazardous area can benefit productivity in a multitude of ways by facilitating as the ‘eyes and ears’ of your operation, even seeing beyond the human visual spectrum into thermography.

These IoT devices include intelligence that surpasses security functions alone, and with feature that include access control, movement count and early fire detection are a perfect tool to support your health and safety protocols. Our image clarity is at a level which removes the requirement to put personnel in harm’s way and streamlines auditing and process control.

Whether used to alert when a person is in harm’s way or a piece of equipment is failing, remotely monitor a control panel or fluid colouration, or reduce inspection visits of a maintenance team in confined space – we have a camera model for the application.

For further information on how camera technology can support your hazardous environment protocols, download the features document here.

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