SeSys is the leading manufacturer of specialist digital IP camera systems (CCTV) in the UK, providing turnkey, rapid deployment and hazardous area camera solutions (Ex certified).

Our cameras are used for security surveillance, disaster response, incident monitoring, public order situations and for monitoring explosive and hazardous environments.

We are a UK manufacturer and pride ourselves on providing innovative camera technology solutions to a wide range and type of clients. For us, image quality, reliability and camera security are key. All of our cameras are cyber secure, giving you peace of mind along with clear, crisp images that provide the best possible view at all times.

SeSys is a privately owned company employing highly skilled personnel with extensive experience in all aspects of digital IP camera technology. Our engineers are proficient product designers who continuously work to fulfil client requirements and to find the next groundbreaking solution.

Advanced technology

With over three decades of experience in vision technology, we have established an enviable reputation for developing robust wireless and network-based camera systems. Our ‘smart cameras’ push the boundaries of IoT technology in the way they communicate between themselves and other internet-enabled devices, and new developments are always in the pipeline.

Client care

Our diverse client list includes government agencies, transportation, local councils, law enforcement agencies, construction companies, telecommunication providers and utility service providers to name a few.

As a prospective client, we can provide you with informed and impartial advice. When instructed, we will deliver the most suitable and cost-effective camera solution to meet your needs, whilst also taking any existing infrastructure and the surrounding environment into account.

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