Relay high-quality footage from outdoor, remote maritime environments straight to a standard web browser.

There are many things that need monitoring across a range of maritime environments to ensure efficient ongoing operation and adherence to health and safety procedures. Our hazardous area cameras are ideal for this application as they can relay high-quality footage that can be quickly and easily viewed via a standard web browser.

Ports and harbours

Our cameras are utilised for monitoring ports and harbours to ensure illegal citizens are not gaining unauthorised access this way. Our thermal and thermal radiometry cameras are particularly useful for these purposes as the thermal lens can detect objects using a thermal signature and the thermal radiometry lens can measure thermal radiation across the entire image area. 

Naval assets

Shore side Naval vessels house a range of weaponry that needs round-the-clock security protection. Our cameras deliver high-quality images day and night, indoors or outdoors, so the entire vessel and everything on it remains secure at all times. The recording can even be event-driven, so that if something happens, an alarm is triggered and images can be sent to alert users of the activity.

Combustible dust loading coal tanker

Fuel-related monitoring

As our ATEX and IECEx-certified cameras are explosion-proof, this makes them ideal for use in potentially volatile fuel locations. They are widely used for monitoring the loading and unloading of coal tankers, including the coal dust levels, offshore fuel pontoons and above and below deck on fuel tankers.


  • High resolution (6 megapixel) colour camera providing crystal clear images
  • Footage can be quickly and easily viewed via a standard web browser on your phone or tablet meaning there is no need for specialist equipment 
  • Attractive, compact design suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Optional day/night lens functionality
  • Integral storage to record images for post processing or record keeping
  • Recording can be event-driven and these events can be used to generate alarms, sending images to alert users of any activity
  • Cameras are connected using PoE (Power over Ethernet), which is cost effective and the installation is reliable and safe involving just one cable
  • No moving parts ensuring low power, low maintenance and a long-lasting camera system
  • Optional LED lights can be fitted for low light areas; they can be switched on and off via the camera's web interface, and automatically switch off when they are no longer in use

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Rapid Deployment Cameras

Our redeployable camera range encompasses our award-winning wireless CCTV Torch Camera, ideal for use in the areas of security surveillance, disaster response, incident monitoring and public order situations.


Hazardous Area Cameras (Ex)

Our explosion proof camera (Ex) range provides high quality, resilient images and remote monitoring in inhospitable and hazardous environments.


Temperature Screening Camera

Our contactless, easy to use, stand-alone unit that requires no operator; the Thermo-Vision unit quickly measures an individual's body temperature and then provides a measurement and identification label.

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